Dedicated to the world-renowned trafficwomen of the DPRK
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Pyongyang Traffic Girls
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Pyongyang Traffic Barbie
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Donald Trump Makes History In Singapore As he Meets With
A Pyongyang Traffic Girl

Donald J. Trump meets with Kim Song-Un, one of Pyongyang's iconic traffic policewomen,
during his historic summit in Singapore on June 12, 2018.
The meeting was described as productive, with agreements reached on several topics
including traffic signals, road repairs, and nuclear disarmament.

Driven To Distraction: Pyongyang’s ’Traffic Ladies’

Read much more about this story here Driven To Distraction

In-Depth PTG News Story From China TV
新闻特写:朝鲜美女交警 2013/2/10 14:00
(NOTE: have patience, its a chinese imbed - it may take a few seconds to load)

original cctv link
North Korean Movie - A Traffic Controller On Crossroads

Full length North Korean Movie! ( 1:02)

네거리초병 - A Traffic Controller On Crossroads
(now with english subtitles)
A story of trafficgirls, duty, and the Juche idea

Trafficgirls Sad
AP Photo
North Korean traffic officers pay their respects at a portrait of late North Korean leader Kim Jong Il in Pyongyang, North Korea, Wednesday, Dec. 21, 2011.
  Full story, many pictures here

    The Pyongyang Traffic Girls ... RETIRED??    

 Say it ain't so! Traffic lights in Pyongyang sprouting like weeds 

  Full story here
North Korea’s police, unlikely net sensations
A PTG Must-See Video
     Pyongyang Traffic Girl - The Kindergarten Musical   
The cutest Pyongyang Traffic Girl video you will EVER see!!
   Watch on YouTube      
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In Memory Of Roger Ebert 1942 -2013

Very sad to hear about the passing of Roger Ebert. In 2010 Roger began tweeting about , sending hundreds of his followers here & increasing traffic by 1700%












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Pyongyang Traffic Girls
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Ultimate Grand Supreme Trafficgirl
Ri Kyong-Sim
Hero Of The Republic

Wins highest honor of the DPRK  

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Pyongyang Traffic Rabbit

"My Dear Pyongyang Traffic Lady: Each time I passed you, I admired how you labored with your perfectly-choreographed movements to ensure that that we all -- whether we be your fellow heroic socialist worker, your own Dear Leader, or an anti-socialist militarist such as myself -- could proceed unimpeded toward Kim Il Sung Square in order to gaze upon the greatness of the Juche Idea. On my penultimate day in the Workers' Paradise, I stood there on your corner for many minutes thinking that, perchance, you would return my gaze. Each time you performed your traffic pirouette in your perfectly-exact knee-length blue skirt, cocked your head, and spun in my direction; I hoped that our eyes would meet. Sadly, they never did. Alas, I shall never know your name."
 - heartbroken tourist
Pyongyang Traffic Bird
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The Hermit Website Manifesto
Sun Sep 28, 2008 5:48 am by Dear Leader
September 2008
So .... I was surfing around on YouTube a while ago and stumbled upon a video featuring one of the Pyongyang Traffic Girls. I watched in curiosity as she performed a graceful ballet with automobiles, which she conducted from inside her little world defined by the white painted circle in the center of a not-so-busy intersection. It was a short video clip, but oddly …

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The Reviews Are In for

Out of all of the fansites devoted to the world’s public service workers, one stands far above the rest, with dedication, fervor, and borderline obsession. Enter * Are they serious? *

genuinely bizarre subculture fetishizing the pretty but robotic North Korea traffic cops. Yes, it’s that weird. *

Every time I think I've seen everything, the internet dopeslaps me and says, "you ain't seen nothing yet." *

Probably the weirdest fan site I’ve seen this year *

Truly bizarre. *

So there's a forum with thousands of posts dedicated to Pyongyang traffic controller girls? Okay then, internet. As you were.. *

Yes, an entire site devoted to At a loss for words, really. *

Weirdest forums you've come across: *

Talk about niche content man *

This site is extremely weird. But I learned stuff. *

New favorite bizarrely specific/unwholesomely obsessive site *

This is the sort of thing that made the internet so glorious in the 1.0 days. * entire site, run by a madman no doubt *

There really is a website for everything: *

There's a whole website dedicated to this - and from the look of the 90s-style internets on it, it's run by the North Koran Gov't... *

There's a whole website devoted to these socialist foxes! *

That pyongyang traffic girl website is absolutely hysterical *

Trippy Ass Fourm *

For all of you that have a secret fetish about North Korean girls in uniform, here’s a site that will bring sweat to your brow *

Naturally, because they're so cute, Westerners have made a website for them. *

Try this website set-up by westerners (men presumably) *

there are even fetish forums about them! *

I suppose that Rule Thirty Six applies. ("If it exists, there is a fetish for it - no exceptions.") *

Ok I have signed up as a member. It is a very odd place. *

The excellent if weird babe website Pyongyang Traffic Girls *

* = source