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 PYONGYANG RACER - online racing game from North Korea

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PostSubject: PYONGYANG RACER - online racing game from North Korea   PYONGYANG RACER - online racing game from North Korea Icon_minitimeWed Jan 02, 2013 12:31 am

PYONGYANG RACER - online racing game from North Korea New_bu10(2013/4/1) Pyongyang Racer is online and working!

"Pyongyang Racer" is North Korea's first video game to be widely available online. Developed in North Korea, it was commisioned by the Chinese based travel company Koryo Tours and is played directly on your browser at the Pyongyang Racer URL

URL Link for Pyongyang Racer online game:
(Wait for the game to load - Click "go now" - then wait for the words "loading Pyongyang" to fill with color.)

PYONGYANG RACER - online racing game from North Korea Screenshot_5ae

Online history:

Koryo Tours posted the game online on December 18 2012.

Here was their announcement:

    Great news everyone!This Christmas have a bit of retro fun with a free gift from Koryo Tours - The chance to drive around Pyongyang all by yourself! In the computer game 'Koryo Tours Pyongyang Racer' Koryo Tours commissioned a DPRK (North Korea) gaming company to develop a racing game that lets you drive around Pyongyang in a locally made Pyonghwa Motors vehicle, see some of the sites and compete for a good race time! Collect fuel along the way, avoid the attentions of Pyongyang's traffic ladies, and try not to crash into any of the local cars, or the DHL vans! This unique game is currently online exclusively on Koryo Tours' website (do note that it may take some time to load properly - so do stay patient before starting) You can play the game here: http: //www   The game has an old school feel and offers a challenge for all the family. We hope you enjoy it and do let us know how you get along! Kind regards from all of us at Koryo Tours

The game was only online for a day before it got hacked and both it and the Koryo Tours website went offline. Statement on December 20, from Koryo Tours facebook:

    Sorry folks, if you have been trying to access our website it appears someone has tried to hack us and it is currently off line. Someone is not playing fair game here. If you have any questions our emails are still up and running.

Statement on December 22:

    it looks like our server in the west is having a problem with putting up the game

Statement on December 24:

    It will be up and running again soon sorry. We could use it now as a new year gift to you all.

The Koryo Tours website was back online several days later. The Pyongyang Racer game was not.

December 30:

    we are getting there- VERIO in America the web hosing company have not been very supportive so we have moved the game....should have news for you in the next day or two- please hold on and thanks

January 5: The Pyongyang Racer game came back online at new URL
(Edit: The game presently - Jan 5 0850 GMT - is not loading when I try it. The load bar gets to the n in loading and then stops.
I assume they are working on this issue. Stay tuned. )
(Edit January 7th: I have emailed them. They are aware of the loading problem and are working on a solution.)

January 10, statement from Koryo Tours:

    Pyongyang Racer game has been moved to and is under maintanence, but should be up and running soon!

 January 24, statement from Koryo Tours:

    still under maintanence - coming soon!

 February 9: Pyongyang Racer post has been removed from the Koryo Tours facebook page.  Pyongyang Racer game still not loading at its website URL.  Koryo Tours website continues to state: still under maintanence - coming soon!

March 6:
FINALLY -  Pyongyang Racer is now loading and appears to be working again.

March 31:
Pyongyang Racer offline again, possibly a victim of the group "Anonymous_Korea" which unleashed a wave of hack attacks against various North korea websites, but also including Koryo Tours. Article:
"Hacking group Anonymous_Korea claimed they have taken down five of North Korea's official websites ..... The sites included the Korean and English language versions of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, the North Korean Committee for Cultural Relations and the state-owned airline Air Koryo .... The group later tweeted the attack was still under way.... "
PYONGYANG RACER - online racing game from North Korea Pyongyangracerhack_zpsaa2420a8

PYONGYANG RACER - online racing game from North Korea New_bu10April 1:
And Pyongyang Racer is back online.  Probably it wasn't exactly hacked, but more like "Anonymous_Korea" and their followers flooded the websites with traffic, temporarily overwhelming them.

YouTube video of Pyongyang Racer (with user commentary):

Here is the original description of the game by Koryo Tours:

    Koryo Tours Pyongyang Racer is a small racing game developed in the DPRK (North Korea). This game was developed in 2012 and is not intended to be a high-end technological wonder hit game of the 21st century, but more a fun race game (arcade style) where you drive around in Pyongyang and learn more about the sites and get a glimpse of Pyongyang. You will drive a long journey through Pyongyang. On the journey there will be special sites that you can see, but you should also collect the items that appear close to the sites! Don’t forget to collect enough gasoline during your journey! If you drive recklessly there will be a Traffic Girl to direct you and if you get too many warnings…….

Some Pyongyang Racer reviews/info:

original URL for Pyongyang Racer site:
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PYONGYANG RACER - online racing game from North Korea
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