Dedicated to the world-renowned trafficwomen of the DPRK
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Traffic Women Gallery 3

Ever alert, the Pyongyang Traffic Girl in her trim blue uniform is a most captivating figure of authority.
dg. On Duty
Traffic stands no chance against the commands of the Pyongyang Traffic Women
dg. Stop
Is this man giving directions to our Traffic Girl? Is he arguing with her? Hitting on her?("my place is over there")
em. What's going on here?
Our Traffic Girl glances at a pedestrian as they pass each other by.
ew. Passing By
Cold temperature will not keep the Traffic Women of Pyongyang from performing their duty.
ey. Pretty Cold
Our PTG stepping off the curb and into her domain.
fh. Curb Appeal
A cold weather Traffic Girl keeps traffic moving along
fm. Snow Command
Out of her circle and using flags instead of her baton, there must be some special traffic event happening here.
fq. Flagging It
Passengers on a bus watch the PTG at work
fy. Bus Passes by
This Traffic Girl's boots are a lovely fashion accessory
fz. Boots
Our PTG keeps the way clear for buses and motercycles.
gb. Hold It
A trim and spiffy Traffic Girl stands at attention as she watches over her intersection.
gk. Attention
A winter Traffic Girl smiles in this candid picture.
gn. Cold Smile
Picture of a Traffic Lady taken perhaps by a passenger on a passing bus.
gv. Traffic Girl
Our all-business Traffic Policewoman seems unamused with having her picture taken.  
Picture courtesy of  Ray Cunningham ( )
gw. She's looking at you, kid
I wouldn't disobey this PTG - nope.
Picture courtesy of Ray Cunningham ( )
gw. Still Business
Blowing her whistle to get attention.
Picture courtesy of Ray Cunningham ( )
gw. Whistle Stop
Four Traffic Policewomen
cb. The Four Trafficeers
Directing traffic from the middle of streetcar rail tracks. Be careful, traffic lady.

A exclusive photo post courtesy of Ray Cunninghham
On the Rails * exclusive photo *
The same Traffic Girl, the same location, the same pose - one year apart. 2008 & 2009

A exclusive photo post courtesy of Ray Cunninghham
The Same Trafficgirl - Then And Now * exclusive*
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