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 Posting - Registering info

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Dear Leader
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Dear Leader

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PostSubject: Posting - Registering info   Posting - Registering info Icon_minitimeSun Sep 28, 2008 5:22 am

FAQ about the site -
Info about using bbcode in your posts (optional)

As of now registering is not nessesary to be able to make posts, but by registering you don't have to keep entering a username and also you can build your post numbers, thereby advancing from party member to *party member* to **party member**, etc. - A reward of recognition of your service by the Dear Leader! Go to the top of the page and click 'register'. You only need to fill out the 5 fields marked with asterisks * .

NOTE: If you post without registering, make your username 8 letters or less - anything over 8 letters will not display. For example, TrafficgirlFan (14 letters) would display as Trafficg (8 letters).
Registered members can have long usernames.


setting up extra e-mail accounts
When registering on this site it asks for your e-mail address. Some people do not like to give out their e-mail address for privacy reasons, although I have never had an issue with recieving spam or other e-mail by registering on a site like this.
However, if you set up a second e-mail account somewhere, you could register using that.

Some e-mail servers like AOL let you add a second e-mail address to your present account.


Hotmail lets you create a free e-mail account:
• Go to
• Click : “HOTMAIL”
• Click: “Sign Up”
• Under msn Hotmail, click the button: “Get it FREE”
• Enter information in the online form and follow the prompts
• Once You've created a Hotmail account, to complete sign up and go to your inbox, click “Continue”.
• Click: “My Messages”
• Click: “Hotmail Staff (email Smart Ways to Get the Most from MSN Hotmail)”, to complete your registration.

And so does Yahoo:
• Go to
• (Click): “Free mail: Sign Up “
• Under: Yahoo! Mail, Click: “Sign Up for Yahoo! Mail “
• Enter information requested and agree to the Terms of Service
• A confirmation email will be sent to the email address you provided. Read the email and follow the instructions to fully activate your account.
• Click on the button: Continue to Yahoo! Mail
• Click on the Subject: Welcome to Yahoo! from the Sender: Yahoo!, to complete your registration process.

AOL also lets you create up to 7 free e-mail accounts: [/b]

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Dear Leader
Divine Administrator
Dear Leader

Posts : 626
Join date : 2008-03-30

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PostSubject: POSTING BY NON-REGISTERED USERS   Posting - Registering info Icon_minitimeWed Aug 17, 2011 5:40 pm


Because of a recent rash of spam postings, and after 3 years of allowing non-registered users to post, I am forced to limit posting to registered members.
Some sections may reopen to posting by non-registered users, depending on spam volume decline.
If you can see a "new topic" "quote" or "post reply" button, then it is open to posting.

vomit spam

(EDIT July 2012: ALL FORUMS ARE AGAIN OPEN FOR NON-REGISTERED POSTING. ) Spam posts will be removed stat.
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Posting - Registering info
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