Dedicated to the world-renowned trafficwomen of the DPRK
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 If the Pyongyang Traffic Girls played music..........

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If the Pyongyang Traffic Girls played music.......... Empty
PostSubject: If the Pyongyang Traffic Girls played music..........   If the Pyongyang Traffic Girls played music.......... Icon_minitimeWed Jul 16, 2014 5:03 pm

They'd be the Moranbong Band!

I have been watching videos of the Moranbong Band on Youtube and wanted to show all the traffic girl fans that as beautiful as the traffic girls are, they are not the only beautiful women in the DPRK.

The Moranbong Band was the brainchild of Kim Jong-Un. Kim realized that with his nation's economy in a shambles and his people starving to death, that North Korea needed an all girl pop band. He hand picked each of these curvy commie cuties himself.

Here are two of my favorite numbers from everyone's favorite miniskirted Marxists.

Here they are playing their hit song "Time to Study". Note the singers are dressed like South Korean prostitutes.
Also note the strange choreography.

This is "Be Like the General". All of the girls are in the army. They are junior officers. I am pretty sure though that these uniforms are not official DPRK army uniforms. If they are, I SURRENDER!

Finally, I offer you my all time favorite Moranbong Band number. The title is listed as "At a Stretch", but I think a better translation would be "No Rest". This performance was part of a New Year's Special. You can tell it's the holiday season by the cute snowmen at either end of the stage. You can tell it's North Korea because the snowmen are holding missiles. This song offers a special holiday present to the USA.........

I love these girls. Whenever I watch their concerts I feel like they are using their beauty to try to get me to defect. The only reason I won't defect is if I lived in the DPRK I wouldn't have Youtube and then I couldn't watch the Moranbong Band.

The Moranbong Bang. Putting the Juicy in Juche since 2012.
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If the Pyongyang Traffic Girls played music..........
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