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 want learn Korean language

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PostSubject: want learn Korean language   want learn Korean language Icon_minitimeThu Jan 12, 2012 2:00 am

Hi everybody!

I just joined you!

I'm looking for a korean language teacher or tutor to teach me how to
speak korean. I'm actually looking for a native speaker a couple times
a week. I found this guy
on youtube but his prices seem really too high? Shouldn't a korean
teacher in a little country like korea be a LOT less expensive?

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PostSubject: Re: want learn Korean language   want learn Korean language Icon_minitimeFri Jan 13, 2012 11:51 pm

Well, I don't speak Korean but maybe someone will see this and get in touch with you.

도움이됩니다. 우리는 한국의 언어를 이해하는 사람이 필요합니다. 도움이 사람이 있습니까?

On a side note, that Youtube guy you linked to has this "Dating in Korea: How to Pick Up On and Hit On Korean Girls" traffic girl smack
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want learn Korean language
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