Dedicated to the world-renowned trafficwomen of the DPRK
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Traffic Women of Pyongyang

At a popular intersection 
Original photo by Bryan Hughes posted at Flickr:
aa. The quintesential Traffic Girl in the classic pose
At one of Pyongyangs most popular intersections
ab. Lady in white
Looking for traffic
ac. Lady in white
Bus, you are now authorized to turn left.
ad. Lady in white
The changing of the Traffic Girls
aeb. shift change 1
She's outta there
aea. shift change 2
All dressed up and ready for action
aj. The blue uniform
Spotless in white, ready to kick some traffic butt
ds. The white uniform
Braving the elements to keep traffic flowing in the motherland
fo. The cold uniform
I can show you / that when it starts to rain / Everything's the same ....
ba. The rain uniform
C'mon, keep it moving....
bp. The solitary soldier
Daddy! Daddy!  Look at the traffic lady!
bi. A PTG from the traffics perspective....
Our PTG strolls to work on a fine DPRK day. Note the whistle tucked in her belt.
aed. On the way to work
I wonder if this PTG is named Sun
aib. The Sunflower Trafficgirl
All business, our PTG signals her intention to make a traffic command
aec. The universal signal - Traffic direction imminent
Proving that a baton is just not enough, a PTG uses her pointer finger to keep traffic flowing
af. Two handed
Our PTG gives her command to........?  The car 2 blocks away?
photo by Eric Lafforgue:
cya. The perfect PTG picture
They wear lighted vests and have flashing batons
eta. The Night Traffic Lady
A PTG in the opening to a 60 minutes segment about North Korea.
ce. PTG on 60 minutes
Our PTG is dwarfed by the 105 story uncompleted Ryugyong Hotel
fn. How tiny she looks ....
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