Dedicated to the world-renowned trafficwomen of the DPRK
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Traffic Women gallery 2

A nice photo composition - DPRK propaganda billboard overlooks our PTG loyally at work
an. Proud worker for the DPRK
Another PTG at work overlooked by the propaganda billboard
ah. Propaganda and PTG
Another in our series of propaganda posters & PTGs
az. More propaganda & PTG
4th in our series of propaganda posters & PTGs
clb. And yet more propaganda & PTG
Our PTG is pretending to be a sundial
cm. PTG in the shadow of propaganda
The only thing better than a PTG with a propaganda poster is .......
cxa. 1 PTG and a propaganda poster >--->
.... is TWO PTGs and a propaganda poster
cxb. 2 PTGs & a propaganda poster
Our all business PTG seems inspired by the propaganda poster
do. PTG & propaganda poster - # 8
A rare glimpse of some traffic in our series of PTG with propaganda posters.
dh. A rare glimpse ....
# 10 in our "PTG & propaganda" series - as a bus shuttles workers by.
dv. PTG, propaganda & a bus
Can you spot the PTG in this picture?

photo by Eric Lafforgue on Flickr:
df. Spot the PTG
A wonderfully composed picture of a PTG with a propaganda poster background
el. Another great photograph
Our "sunflower" trafficgirl from the 1st gallery - I don't know what this sign says, but I'm guessing it's some propagandish slogan
ai. She's back .....
If only our PTG would raise her arm another 20 degrees, this picture would be perfect......
eu. PTG & the Great Leader
....... Yes, like this one!
fc. PTG & the Great Leader 2
Another PTG with the long propagandish-like sign in the background.
cn. That propagandish sign again ...
What's warmer than one cold weather PTG with a propaganda poster ?
bg. One cold PTG and a propacanda poster...
TWO cold weather PTGs and a propaganda poster!
cu. Two cold PTGs and a propaganda poster
A streetcar comes between our PTG and the Great Leader
ff. Another PTG & Great Leader poster
# 20 and the last in our series of Pyongyang Traffic Girls & propaganda posters - Our PTG stands ready at her lonley vigil, perhaps motivated by the propaganda poster that overlooks her intersection and extols the virtue of citizen duty for the benifit of the state.
cw. On duty
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