Dedicated to the world-renowned trafficwomen of the DPRK
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Traffic Women Gallery 6

The traffic police pose under the big huge giant bronze statue of Kim Il-Sung, the beloved Great Leader of the DPRK
Pyongyang Traffic Police And The Great Leader
The Pyongyang traffic police, laying flowers at the base of the big huge giant bronze statue of Kim Il-Sung, beloved Great Leader of the DPRK
Flowers For The Great Leader
The traffic ladies appear at a mall on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the founding of the DPRK.
Pyongyang Traffic Girls At The Mall
Ready to go out and kick some traffic ass.
A squad of Traffic Police
These out-of-uniform trafficgirls stay busy, possibly volunteer work painting a crosswalk on a Pyongyang street.
Off-Duty Trafficgirls Painting A Crosswalk
A glimpse of a PTG looking out a window, possibly from the Traffic Girl dormitory in Pyongyang.
The Pyongyang Traffic Lady In The Window
A traffic lady shows off some of the cosmetics that are provided to all the traffic women by the state.
Pyongyang Traffic Woman With Her Cosmetics
Some Pyongyang Traffic Women pose for a group picture.

pic from
(apologies to the guy edited out, but....)
Posing For A Group Picture
These traffic ladies are at a meeting with the Chinese ambassador.
Traffic Ladies Sitting Pretty
In a welcome line for the ambassador from China.
Pyongyang Traffic Women Meet The Chinese Ambassador
Four traffic ladies on a sunny day in Pyongyang. Official government posed picture with requisite propaganda poster in background.
Four Traffic Women
Out of the circle and running to escape danger.
Run, Traffic Lady, Run!
Our PTG converses with a pedestrian.
Mingling With The People
Possibly on her way home after work, our PTG is unbelted and with umbrella at the ready.
Pyongyang Traffic Woman, Done For The DAy
The Pyongyang traffic patrolwoman may be offering bicycle safety advice to these DPRK citizens.
Discussing Bicycle Safety?
These traffic ladies look like they may be suffering an anxiety attack here, standing in the midst of their sworn enemy - a sea of automobiles.
Traffic Women In A Parking Lot
Here our PTG is helping with crowd control during the Olympic torch run through Pyongyang in 2008.
Pyongyang Traffic Girl - Olympic Torch Duty
A couple Pyongyang Traffic Girls, on a grassy median - one possibly waiting to relieve an on duty traffic girl.
Relief ?
It looks like the Pyongyang Traffic Girl is here starting out the day, walking to her post.
A New Day
The Dear Leader Kim Jong-Il reviews his Female Traffic Police. 
Unknown date, probably sometime in the 1980's
Pyongyang Traffic Girls And The Dear Leader Kim Jong-Il
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