Dedicated to the world-renowned trafficwomen of the DPRK
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Traffic Women Gallery 5

A group of Pyongyang Traffic Women preparing to kick some traffic butt
c. 1989
Ready for duty, sir
Notice the pleated skirt ...
Pyongyang Traffic Controller circa 1979
Still photo from the short film Pyongyang Robogirl - 2001
Pyongyang Robogirl
Another still from the short film Pyongyang Robogirl - 2001
More Robogirl
Unknown year, but older uniform.
Ready For My Closeup
and that's just what they'll do
These Boots Are Made For Walkin'
Untangling the infamous traffic jams of 1981
( Hamhung, North Korea )
Pyongyang Traffic Policewoman - circa 1981
A smiling Pyongyang Traffic Woman about to step
off the curb and do her favorite activity - directing traffic
Curb Your Enthusiasm
It must have been chilly in Pyongyang that day.
Pyongyang Traffic Woman - Warm Coat
And waiting for traffic
Buttoned Up
A still taken from the North Korean film A Traffic Controller On Crossroads.
production date 1986
Pyongyang Traffic Lady, Movie Star
Still photo from the North Korean movie A Traffic Controller On Crossroads
production date 1986
Jong-Ils Angels
From 1992 - with the boots and notice the portable radio on her belt.
Pyongyang Female Traffic Director circa 1992
For decades, there have been two familiar sights in Pyongyang - propaganda posters and  trafficgirls. This picture from 1989.
Propaganda And A Traffic Girl - 1989
Directing traffic as the sun sets on Pyongyang, 1989.
Sunset Boulevard - Pyongyang 1989
Hoping for a car to come by so she can display her skills. From 1989.
Lonely Is The Traffic Lady
Directing traffic on the old style podium
On The Traffic Podium
Change of shift - traffic girl pulling her relief on to the podium
Shift Change On The Podium
Traffic woman on duty at the Arch Of Triumph, Pyongyang. 1991.
On Duty At The Arch Of Triumph
Here our PTG is signaling a turn through her intersection is permitted.
It looks to be from sometime in the 90's
Turn signal
PTG at Kim Il-Sung Square in Pyongyang c.1990
At Kim Il Sung Square 1990
Policewoman on a traffic pedestal in Pyongyang July 1989
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