Dedicated to the world-renowned trafficwomen of the DPRK
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Traffic Women Gallery 4

Our Traffic Girl directs traffic from the safety of her new podium.

A exclusive photo post courtesy of  Ray Cunninghham
Under The Umbrella * exclusive*
Some traffic intersections have umbrella podiums - new in 2009.
jc. New podiums 2009
A PTG is interviewed about the new podiums in a Chinese news segment - the podium in the background.
je. New Traffic Podiums In The News
From a Chinese news story about the umbrella podiums
jf. Chinese News Story
Extended baton assures traffic order.

from  kernbeisser flickr page
jg. This Way, Please
You can get an occasional smile out of a Traffic Lady 

jk. Traffic Lady Smile
On duty and waiting for traffic.
jk. Ever Vigilant
The giant umbrella does it's intended job, shading our PTG from the hot summer sun.
jn. Shaded
Neat perspective of the PTG, with the setting sun. 
..... or is it a rising sun?

from ditaki flickr page
jy. The Setting Sun
Our PTG looks so vulnerable in this picture - even on the new podium. Imagine how it was before the podium!

from hiddentravel flickr page
ka. Alone Against Traffic
Our Pyongyang Traffic Girl looks quite small in this perspective.

from hiddentravel flickr
ka. She's There - Look Hard!
Rain will not prevent the Pyongyang Traffic Women from directing traffic - umbrella and poncho keep them dry.

from hanming_huang flickr page
ka. The Rain In Pyongyang
Marching out to the shift change - step up, step down.

Picture courtesy of Ray Cunningham ( )
kb. Shift Change Under The Umbrella
From the safety of her podium, the Pyongyang Traffic Warden gives a left turn permission to a very modern-looking and no doubt mechanically sound bus.

from fresh888 flickr page
ju. Safe From The Bus
A Pyongyang Trafficgirl enjoys the comfort of her new umbrella podiumPicture courtesy of Ray Cunningham ( )
kb. Me And My Umbrella Podium
View of a Pyongyang traffic controller from a 16th floor hotel window.

Picture courtesy of Ray Cunningham ( )
kb. Birds-eye view of a Pyongyang Traffic Girl
From inside an automobile, a view of a PTG on her podium.
 at koreaeconomicinstitute flickr page
kq. Drivers-Eye View
Dressed for the cold weather... and look at all the traffic.
from koreaeconomicinstitute flickr
kq. Getting Cold ....
Our PTG has noticed the camera pointed at her.
ku. Are You Lookin' At ME?
The PTG's use lighted batons at night, and apparently the podium base has reflecive paint. 
I wonder why the podium umbrella light isn't turned on here?
kt. Safe In The Dark
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