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 VIDEOS - some "official" videos from North Korea

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PostSubject: VIDEOS - some "official" videos from North Korea   Sat Jan 31, 2009 6:14 am

NOTE May 2010: All these links are dead - I'll keep this here for a while in case the website returns.

Quote :
A list of some DPRK videos found on this German website, in Quicktime video.
Click on the picture to load the video.

  1. Korean Central TV: "Joint TV Stage (60th birthday of DPRK) Great Contribution, admiration of all people" 15:12
    Very odd - military and other officials onstage singing

  2. Delegation journey 2008 Pyongyang: Kindergarten and preparatory school 21:33
    A Pyongyang school visit including singing and musical acts

  3. Arirang 2008 36:49

  4. Air Koryo Promotional Music Video 3:31

  5. Ceremonies/parade of the Korean People's Army 18:56
    to the 75.Geburtstag of the establishment of the KVA at the 25.April Juche 96 (2007)
    Kim Jong-Il presides over massive military parade -

  6. Prime Minister Otto Grotewohl in Pyongyang, and six-day state visit of Kim Il Sung in Berlin/GDR 1955 2:39
    Great Leader Kim Il Sung visits East Germany in 1955

  7. President Kim Il Sung historical Africa and European journey 1975 6:25
    Great Leader Kim Il Sung tours Africa and Eastern Europe

  8. XIII the world festivals of the youth and student, Pyongyang 1. - 8 July 1989 15:34
    Stadium festivities and anti-USA protests at the DMZ

  9. Kim Il Sung The Year 1994 of the Great Career 12:50
    Engilsh narration - incl original speech of President Kim Il Sung - lots of pomp and music

  10. I will Be A Soldier Of Kim Jong Il 14:47
    English narration - Spanish man's dedication to the Dear Leader and the DPRK - includes tour of the capured Pueblo

  11. Kim Il Sung-Visit to Moscow, Warszawa, Berlin and Praque 7:03
    English narration - May 1984

  12. Fidel Castro visit 2:32
    English narration - Castro meets Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il 1986

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VIDEOS - some "official" videos from North Korea
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