Dedicated to the world-renowned trafficwomen of the DPRK
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 List of PTG Videos - updated

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Dear Leader
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Dear Leader

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PostSubject: List of PTG Videos - updated   Wed Sep 24, 2008 7:49 am

Posted here will be a list of links to videos featuring the Pyongyang Traffic Women - excepting YouTube PTG videos, which are posted in the other pinned topic.
We will try to keep this list updated.
traffic girl

= Latest additions to the list ( Last updated 2012/12/14 )

  1. A Traffic Controller On Crossroads (DVD Mokran Video, Juche 97 (2008); Juche 100 (2011)*
    From North Korea, ( Korean title 네거리초병 ) about an hour long. Traffic women star in their own movie.
    *Filmed in the 1980's - production date originally 1986, DVD copies show production date of the DVD.
    This forum: dates the cars seen in the movie.

    4 1/2 minute preview clip in quicktime (takes a few minutes to open):
    Full movie from the North Korean Residents Society website:
    From a Russian website:
    a. 4 minute clip
    b. full movie
    From DPRK video database - movie synposis and full movie (with english subtitles):

  2. Kimjongilia (France/U.S.A./South Korea 2008)
    Documentary on North Korean defectors. Throughout the film, a female traffic cop appears marching, saluting and dancing.
    Director interview (a clip of the dancing trafficgirl is at 1:10)
    Kimjongilia movie trailer or
    Full HD movie

  3. Pyongyang Robogirl (2002)
    A 5 minute musical montage of traffic women and North Korea images. It can be found in the video "Queer As f**k", a compilation of short films.
    Watch here (with registration):
    On YouTube:

  4. Mission North Korea
    German film. A four minute segment in the film features a traffic woman.
    On this site
    is this short preview clip 1:10
    Or watch the traffic girl segment on youTube -

    On this site
    are 2 short video clips
    Traffic lady 1 :28
    Traffic lady 2 :30

  6. CBS news
    There's a PTG in the beginning of a 60 Minutes story

  7. Pyongyang News North Korean video website
    Feature about the Pyongyang Traffic Girls

  8. Club Metrofans Chinese website
    News story featuring the new traffic umbrella podiums in Pyongyang 3:36

  9. BBC Motion Gallery BBC video archive Link
    a. 19 second clip circa 1988
    direct file
    b. 5 second clip circa 2005
    direct file

    ------------------------ hosting sites ----------------------------------
  10. Flickr videos from the Flickr hosting site
    1. by Ray Cunningham 1 minute clip
      10 second clip - umbrella platform

    2. by redjef2510 sec clip

    3. from Lucaskt 30 second clip

    4. from FarewellFire - 30 second PTG clip in HD

    5. from Video HD Bank - 12 second slow-mo PTG clip in HD

    6. from Sebastiquid - 52 second HD clip PTG on umbrella platform

    7. from ryan_roxx - 20 second clip

  11. Picasa videos from the Picasa hosting site
    1. by Frank Two short 10 second clips

    found on the Veoh video hosting site
    1. The Traffic Girls of Pyongyang... 2:55 - NeilatGadling

  13. Chinese video website
    1. Musical tribute to the Pyongyang Traffic Girls 1:15 (also found on

  14. Chinese video website
    1. Traffic Police of Pyongyang and traffic conditions - 5 minute news story

  15. Chinese video website
    1. 朝鲜人民共和国首都平壤的女交警 (People's Republic of Korea's capital Pyongyang, the female traffic police) 46 second clip

  16. Chinese video website
    1. 10 minute news story about the Pyongyang Traffic Police

    2. Musical tribute to the Pyongyang Traffic Girls 1:15 (also found on

  17. Chinese video website
    1. 视频: 实拍平壤女交警 (Real female traffic police shoot) short video clip

    ------------------------ other ----------------------------------
  18. Miscellaneous videos with PTGs in them
    1. Korean news story on NK

    2. PTG in bbc report on NK

    3. South Korean news story on controversial auto accident in Pyongyang

Last updated 2012/2/4 Trafficgirl spinning

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Dear Leader
Divine Administrator
Dear Leader

Posts : 576
Join date : 2008-03-30

PostSubject: Re: List of PTG Videos - updated   Sun Feb 05, 2012 12:33 am

New additions to the PTG video list.
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List of PTG Videos - updated
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