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 Strange Dutch satire involving Pyongyang Traffic Girls

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PostSubject: Strange Dutch satire involving Pyongyang Traffic Girls   Sat Nov 19, 2011 11:05 pm

Here's an article I ran across that is obviousy a satirical statement aimed at a traffic policy in the Netherlands - the satire references the Pyongyang traffic girls.

Apparently, in order to reduce through traffic in Dutch villages, numerous traffic by-passes and traffic roundabouts featuring works of art have been developed.

The full article
is a sarcastic look at that policy, and imagines the traffic roundabouts being transformed into stages featuring dancing traffic girls to help further reduce traffic.
    "They’ve taken their inspiration from both sign language and North Korean traffic girls in Pyongyang who, due to the lack of traffic lights, direct the traffic. Despite their uniforms and the strict choreography of their motions, they appear quite fragile at busy crossings. The sign language of car drivers knows only a limited vocabulary and this will be expanded in the performance. After the event, the exotic image of the dancer on the roundabout will be circulated via bumper stickers and a video on Youtube.

    * In Dutch there’s a special word for traffic-jams that occur when motorists deliberately or inadvertently slow down to look at some incident in the other lane or at the side of the road – ‘kijkfile’."

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Strange Dutch satire involving Pyongyang Traffic Girls
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