Dedicated to the world-renowned trafficwomen of the DPRK
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The female traffic police, a beautiful landscape in the streets of Pyongyang.

The Pyongyang traffic police women are beautiful scenery in the streets. In the downtown section of the city, beautiful young faces belong to the women traffic police. With mature command and sophisticated, self-confident motion, they brighten the mood pleasantly.

Varying duty with the performing arts

In attracting the world attention, the beautiful women of the Pyongyang traffic police have become one of the hallmarks of North Korea. "North Korea's female traffic police are unique in the world, I have been working here for 6 years", said 23-year-old traffic policewoman Kim Hyun-hee, full of pride .
Kim Hyun-hee is from the Pyongyang City People's Security, the first branch of the Seventh Squadron, and in spite of her young age has the rank of lieutenant. And like the other woman traffic police in Pyongyang, Kim Hyun-hee has classic figure proportions, and talks often with a smile, exposing a small dimple. When sitting together with her colleagues, tall, with red lips and white teeth, if it was not for the white uniform, she looks like a beautiful model.
Kim Hyun-hee told reporters that initially Pyongyang traffic police were all male, as conditions were very hard at that time, and the traffic police wore linen uniforms, carrying a rifle while on duty, and directing traffic with a small red flag. The late President Kim Il Sung said after seeing these cases that in one's country, the traffic police are often the first ones seen, and the style of the traffic police represent the country. To this end, he immediately directed the traffic police be allotted with white uniforms and a pistol.
Gradually moving towards a society with women, female traffic police are starting to appear. From 1994 onwards, Pyongyang's main streets were unadulteratedly commanded by woman traffic police. The female traffic police will apply light cosmetics for graceful makings, and with uniform added, on active service they seem to be turned into a performing art.

Violations sent to the illegal drivers

Throughout the year, female traffic police dressed in different uniforms, winter blue coat, blue white summer dress, blue dress blue autumn, so that it becomes a pleasure to look at the streets of Pyongyang. Especially in the early spring season, female traffic police with their blue police uniforms and flipping hair from their caps, with high boots, it can be described as “not love armed love, Lady in red", it passes heroic.

Kim Hyun-hee and Kim Eun-Pearl have the honor of being in charge of the street of the first intersection south of Kim Il Sung Square, about 100 meters west of where the affairs of state activities are held in the Mansudae Assembly Hall, and where the splendid steed bronze statue of Kim Jung-Il attracts an endless stream of vehicles per day, it can be said that in Pyongyang it is one of the busiest junctions. Is different than in other major capitals of the world, Pyongyang rarely has traffic congestion. Here the road is broad, with a good field of vision, so during the day can be said that Pyongyang is "driver's paradise", but even in these conditions where manpower is relied on to direct traffic, it is not an easy task.

Pyongyang female traffic police directing traffic stand in the middle of the road inside what is usually a 3 meters diameter white circle, with no safety island or refuge, depending entirely on hand gestures and commands.

This requires that the traffic police have swift reactions and give accurate instructions to effectively guide the traffic, and when the traffic rush comes, the traffic police must always be observant, with quick head rotation, but even as they move, turn, stand at attention, give direction, the female traffic police still have the beautiful posture, and convey a sense of no hesitation.

"Women's traffic police are so young and good-looking, if a driver violates regulations, he will not be disobedient?" Hearing this, Kim Hyun-Hee smiled and said: “ woman traffic police are not as intimidating as the male police, but we are very patient, and convince people by reasoning, generally not haveing to apply disciplinary measures, and we even sometimes warn the military drivers, because they drive long hours and do not pay attention to instrumentation, and although we have issued a violation to them, many people stopped by our criticism and education, even after the penalty, wrote back to express gratitude. "

Very strict selection criteria

A high standard of requirements must be met in the selection. Kim Hyun-Hee said the selection criteria for women traffic police are very strict and they must be 1.62 meters tall or more, with dignified appearance, in addition to cultural and physical tests. Selection is carried out in the country. After being selected they through a half a year of intensive training session, during which the trainees are adapted to the militarization, and according to the management of traffic police job requirements, will also study the transportation theory, security theory as well as posture training.
After training starts the practical vocational training, “Internship is progressive” by phases, Kim Hyun-Hee says, “just starting to go on duty, we were always very anxious, often stood for several minutes, and somewhat could not deal with it, but it has been slowly getting better and better”.
In North Korea, the female traffic police is a youth occupation without doubt. In accordance with the provisions of the traffic police, starting from recruitment they must work for eight years, and in that period are not allowed to get married, and generally retire at 26 years old. About this, Kim Eun-Pearl listens attentively, and says she has already worked for eight years and she is now 24 years old, but may also continue for two more years, “according one's own wish, you can choose the university, you can also go to College to the peoples Security Bureau or other departments work ”.
At that, Kim Eun-Pearl suddenly excused herself, smiled and left the room. Changing of the guard time was here. According to the regulations, the female traffic police must take to the streets every day to perform duties for 4 hours, until 10:00 pm, this time already is the Pyongyang time 11:00 am, the burning hot sunlight will let the temperature climb to 30 degrees Celsius, Kim Eun-Pearl will be absent any shade in the road conditions for an hour on the central post.
Looking on as Kim Eun-Pearl hastily left, the reporter sighed, the traffic police is a heavy type of work, and young girls engaged in this occupation is not an easy task. Kim Hyun-hee faintly smiled and said, "indeed the work of traffic police is not easy, but the party and the Government is very concerned about us." She said last year, the cold winter, the Korean Supreme leader Kim Jong Il saw that the woman traffic police still wearing their skirts on active duty was a great concern, and instructed the relevant Departments to dispense thick cotton pants, and then directed the allotment in the summer of sunscreen and sunglasses, in order to resist the intensity of the strong sunlight.
“We are now dressed from head to toe in spring, summer, autumn and winter clothing which are the Generals (Kim Jong-Il) gift, and we feel very happy”, said Kim Hyun-Hee, "standing on the street performing our duties to maintain order, especially for the general's motorcade is what we are most happy about."
Kim Hyun-Hee told reporters that currently the majority of the women of city traffic police come from Pyongyang, and for convenience most of the city traffic police live at home. But the female traffic police from outside areas reside in a dormitory. "Every morning we wake up at 6:20 sharp, do makeup and other preparation work to do a good job, and at 7:00 start the official duty," said Kim Hyun-Hee.
In order not to affect the woman traffic police in their work, interviews had to end and I left early, passing an intersection where Kim Eun-Pearl's slender white figure is intensely busy, and big Pyongyang, precisely because there is such a group of “street angels”, becomes more beautiful and is peaceful.

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PostSubject: Re: PYONGYANG TRAFFIC POLICE WOMAN INTERVIEWED   Thu Aug 20, 2009 2:43 pm

They write prideful glowing articles about their traffic cops, but never mention that they need them because the traffic lights don't work.
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PostSubject: Re: PYONGYANG TRAFFIC POLICE WOMAN INTERVIEWED   Tue Sep 01, 2009 7:04 am

I'm more interested in this revelation that there's a Trafficgirl dormatory. That needs more investigation!
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